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How can I best protect those that depend on me?

"Talk to an expert who, like you, has the concerns of a busy, modern lifestyle; and also like you, wants to best provide for those who matter most. Life is too short, and this decision too important, to not get the right advice." - Karl Moran

The Purpose of Wealth Protection Specialists

Wealth Protection Specialists was established with the aim to ensure that all New Zealanders are financially secure, should they, or someone they love, suffer from an illness, accident, or untimely death.

We all have different financial goals and aspirations in life; we see our role as ensuring that should something untoward happen to you, your family, or your business, then you have the right “Plan B” in place to ensure your Wealth is Protected.


We aim to provide you

with comprehensive, yet easy to understand insurance solutions, tailored to you, as no two clients are the same.


We ensure that all aspects are covered

from the initial meeting, fact finding and goal setting stage, through to underwriting and claims management.